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nick mason - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1986

I attended a three week 'standard' course at Eskdale in November/December 1986.

I was 16, and this was the first time I'd spent a significant amount of time away from home. I remember it being physically tough, tiring, wet and cold.

Activities included early morning assault courses, stretcher carrying, kayaking on the tarn, rock climbing, map reading, book review, fell running, volleyball, cpr training, etc.

The first weeks' camping expedition was exhausting, the white water kayaking was (personally) a little bit dicey, the 36 hour solo was terrifying, the final weeks camping expedition was challenging but rewarding, and the inter-dorm competition was ultimately very satisfying (victorious Mallory!).

Abiding memories are of camaraderie, building confidence, and the joy of making a brew after finally getting your tent pitched.